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One of the most difficult times for a family is having to finalize the estate of a loved one who has recently passed away. While the process of every probate case follows routine procedures, each case has its unique circumstances and complications. The role of a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES) is to understand and manage these complications to bring closure to the situation in the most stress-free manner possible. Daniel Hayden is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist available to help guide the transaction to closure in the most efficient way for all parties involved. Here are some of the things a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, like Daniel Hayden, does:


Helps Reach Closure on a Probate Sale

While there may be some complications with the decedent’s family, especially if a will or living trust was not created, Daniel Hayden works behind the scenes to ensure the process is handled as smoothly as possible. As a member of the Delaware County Estate Planning Council, Dan knows many of the area’s leading estate and trust attorneys in case you need a referral to assist with the process. A Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist will understand all the complications in any case and work through the best practices and requirements to bring a peaceful closure to the estate.


Knowledge and Experience of a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Daniel Hayden has over 20 years of experience as a real estate agent in both Pennsylvania and Delaware, which is essential during probate cases. Some areas where his knowledge and experience are valuable in a probate case include:

- Understanding the general real estate market in the area;

- Being an expert in the probate process;

- Specializing in probate documents and contracts; and

- Having extensive knowledge of probate court procedures and protocols.

- Having contacts that can help with many of the needs for an Executor / Administrator

During a probate case, Dan will work with you to help evaluate the property and analyze the current market conditions. It’s possible the homeowner did not repair the home or provide proper upkeep for years, so necessary repairs and upgrades may be required for local use and occupancy permitting in order to sell the home for top market value. Dan can recommend experienced painters, carpenters, contractors, and other professionals to ensure the home will sell at the highest price possible. He can also assist you with the personal property from the estate.

The Necessity of a Certified Probate Specialist

A Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist is essential to help the personal representative of the decedent ensure the probate sale is completed successfully. Dan understands the challenges that can occur and works with the personal representative (Administrator or Executor) to alleviate as many concerns as possible throughout the process. The reality is that the probate process can be extensive, depending on the circumstances, but Dan works diligently to resolve any issues.

A probate case is much different from a standard estate sale, so relying on the expertise of Dan is essential. As a probate specialist, he is always available to work with the personal representative of the decedent and is an expert in the probate process. Working with Dan will make the process much less stressful for all parties involved, so contact him today to make a difficult process easier.